Hanging instructions

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Hanging instructions

  1. Store material in a clean, dry place. Do not crush, crease, fold or bend.
  2. Install wallcovering at room temperature.
  3. Wall surface should be clean, dry, smooth, of uniform color, and properly primed and sealed. For best results, the primer color should be similar to the wallcovering color.
  4.  Apply a heavy-duty, ready mixed PVA or EVA clear wallcovering adhesive to the wall. Follow the instructions of the adhesive manufacturer. Make sure the adhesive is spread out evenly
  5. Table-cutting or double-cutting on the wall is at the discretion of the installer. Use a new blade for each trim
  6. Allow adhesive to set-up on the wall before hanging, so that it’s sufficiently tacky not to bleed through to the surface of the fabric
  7. Install fabric strips straight up, as they come off the bolt, and in consecutive order
  8. Seams should be no closer than 6 inches to corners
  9. Avoid excessive pressure to the surface of the fabric during installation which may cause adhesive to bleed through to the surface.
  10. Excess adhesive on the material can be allowed to dry and then removed with a dry brush, or can be removed immediately with a wet sponge.
    These instructions are provided as a general guide. Installation by a professional wallcovering installer is recommended for best results.

Maintenance tips

  1. To avoid stains being absorbed immediately, it is required to wipe off with a clean sponge or tissue. If
    needed, use lukewarm water.
  2. Hard rubbing should be avoided in order not to damage the fabric.
  3. Careful vacuum cleaning is allowed.

These textile wallcoverings are fruit of a hand – crafted process. Therefore, variations and irregularities of color and orthogonality between warp and weft are to be considered intrinsic characteristics of the preciousness of this product. Such irregularities may not allow for a perfect match between the streaks of the different lengths when aligned.